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Golfer Races Against Ingrown Toenail to be Fit for the US Open

Golfer David Howell wants to be in the US Open at the Merion, but is struggling with an ingrown toenail. “I had already had some work done to my toe on Monday to try and get rid of the problem … Continue reading

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Michael Crabtree Unable to Play After Injuring Achilles tendon

Michael Crabtree, wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers is sidelined after getting an operation on his right Achilles tendon. The prominent athlete endured surgery to restore his tendon, and the 49ers are hopeful he will make his return in … Continue reading

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Fashion Icons Unveil the Truth Behind Wearing High Heels and it’s Painful Consequence

High heels are meant to be fun, beautiful, and accentuate a woman’s body. Little do we know how detrimental these sky-high shoes can be to your feet. According to Jo Willey of Express, a recent study claimed that high-heels wearers … Continue reading

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New Study Suggests Personality and Weight a Factor in Running Injuries

New research conducted by the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine suggests runners with a more easygoing personality, older, and weight more are susceptible to running injuries; as opposed to those who are slimmer or younger. Danish researchers surveyed 930 new … Continue reading

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