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NFL Newcomer Sidelined from Broken Foot

NFL newbie David Quessenberry will be off the field for the rest of this season after sustaining a broken foot. Quessenberry, who had suffered the injury during practice drills, later took to Twitter, tweeting ‚Äúsometimes these unfortunate things happen. I … Continue reading

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Losing Weight Gains the Ability to Wear Heels for Celebrity

Singer Jennifer Hudson was able to achieve her dream of losing weight, reaching her goal through the aid of Weight Watchers. This change to her daily routine allowed Hudson to experience relief in her feet, making it calmer to walk … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Ancestors to Blame for Flat-Feet

We have evolution and nothing else to blame for our flat feet, bad backs, difficult birthing and useless wisdom teeth, according to The Irish Times writer Dick Ahlstrom. Researchers of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), indicate … Continue reading

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