Foot and Ankle Surgery in Ohio

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Deformity Correction

Gradual correction of deformities involving the foot and ankle are generally considered congenital or acquired.

Metatarsus Adductus is a deformity in which there is medial displacement or angulation of the metatarsals. This condition is commonly treated by casting and manipulation of the affected area, followed by bracing of the extremity for several months. If conservative measures fail, corrective surgery is indicated. Several procedures have been discussed in the literature according to the age of the patient and severity of the condition.

External Fixation can be used successfully in gradual correction to obtain maximum results with minimal surgical intervention allowing for post-operative management of the deformity.

Case Presentation: Malunion Calcaneal Fracture with a valgus deformity and painful arthritic subtalar joint (talar-calcaneal joint).

Outcome: Gradual correction of the valgus deformity to neutral position in conjunction with a subtalar joint arthrodesis. Partial to full weight-bearing status was recommended and the fixator was removed at 10 weeks.